Simple & Effective Products

Uncompromising In Quality

Power Packed Nutrition

Verified By Athletes

Simple & Effective Products

Uncompromising In Quality

Power Packed Nutrition

Verified By Athletes

Helping you unlock your ultimate performance with products that boost your output and improve your health. We never compromise on quality.

Why Choose Boast Elite?

Boast Elite was founded by a collection of health and fitness enthusiasts who all operate at a high level within their chosen field.

With over a decade's experience in the health and fitness industry, we wanted to launch a collection of products which would help bring a new degree of professionalism to the health supplements and performance industry.

Our Values

These are the values that make Boast Elite a cut above the rest.


We live and breathe health and fitness which is why the company was founded by gym owners and sporting professionals.


Upholding the highest standards to ensure that our customers receive products that are truly exceptional in terms of purity, taste, and effectiveness.


Delivering products that surpass expectations, empowering individuals on their personal journey with nothing but the best.


We prioritise ensuring the integrity of every product we offer, so you can have full confidence in the quality and reliability of BOAST.

Hear What People Are Saying

George Baldock

A snack that supports my goals

"BOAST protein bars have provided me with the nutrients i need to support my protein goals, the high quality ingredients also make me feel really good about what im putting in my body."

Rhian Brewster

Lovely flavours

"Both Cookie & Cream and Caramel Peanut bar flavours taste so good and satisfy my sweet cravings without feeling guilty."

Missy Bo Kearns

Feels like a premium product

"Ive been on my fitness journey for years and i can confidently say BOAST offers some of the best supplements ive ever tried. You can tell the ingredients are high-quality and feel like im fuelling my body with the best."

Ellie Roebuck

Great for a busy lifestyle

"I love grabbing BOAST bars when im in a rush and need a quick protein fix."

Drew Johnson

A game changer

"BOAST bars have completely exceeded my expectations."


When should I eat my protein bar?

Are protein bars meal replacements?

Which protein bars are best?

Are your products all safe for professional sport?

Are you gluten free?

Do your products contain nuts?

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